Fall Encore

What is blooming in your fall garden now?  Here is what is in mine.

I do not care much for this time of year when we have had light frosts.  But the frost does enough damage so that all the all my flowers turn black and annuals have all mushed.  Every year I try and add more to the garden to try so that my time without flowers gets shorter.

My Dendranthemas have done exceptional for me this year.  I am very impressed with how well they have done with the frosts and how long the flowers last on them.  My favorite is a butter cream colored one that I planted last fall, which of course I can not remember the name of it or find the tag.

dendranthemum pic 2


A new one for me this year is Purple Mist and as a cut flower it is outstanding, very long-lasting.

Dendranthemum purple mist


Some fall crocus are lasting very well.

Crocus cartwrightianus 'Albus'

Crocus cartwrightianus ‘Albus’

Crocus ochroleucus

Crocus ochroleucus

Another absolute favorite which was a pleasant surprise is a fall blooming snowdrop.  It came to me labeled as Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus ‘Hiemalis’ but it is not, but I love it nonetheless.

Happy gardening!


The year has gone by in a blink, bringing a whirlwind of stress and anxiety.  But the garden doesn’t keep watch on the hour and is always there awaiting me, bringing time of reflection and some peace of mind.

What brings you peace in times of high stress and sorrow?

My mother reminded me the other day to try and find beauty in everything, but it never fails that in times of chaos, stress and worry I forget this.  We had our first frost Saturday night.  Summer is officially over and winter is well on its’ way.  Here is some of the beauty I found in the garden awaiting me early Sunday morning





strawberry vanilla hydrangea


Spring time again!


rear yard snow covered

Our winter has looked a lot like this.  It has finally melted down and I hope that we will not get anymore surprises so that I can start having more flowers and color in the garden.  The weather is warming up and a lot of the plants are starting to wake up.  Here are some of my flowers in the garden now.  What are some of your favorite Spring flowers?

Col Valentine

This beauty is a rare one.  She is Colchicum hungaricum ‘Valentine.’  Many know Colchicum as fall flowering but not this one  – this one is winter flowering?!  Was something different for me so I of course had to get it.  Well for me this year it was spring.  But it is said to start blooming around Valentine’s Day hence the name.  This was her first year in my garden so I am hoping that next year it will be earlier once it is more established. So far so good.  I am glad I got this one from Odyssey Bulbs.

Hellebore Monte Cristo

My Hellebores are just now starting.  I love all Hellebores, double or single, pink or white the answer from me is “Oh, ahhh what a beauty.”  Love at first sight always.  I went on another trip to Pine Knot Farms a couple weeks ago and came home with more.

Winter Aconite

I think one of my favorite winter beauties are the Winter Aconite.  Along with these and Snowdrops I wish they were more available here in the U.S. and that we had more cultivars here. They are just great.  I hope mine start spreading and seeding all about in the garden – that would just be prefect!


My Snowdrops have been doing wonderful!  Much better than I expected with my soil conditions as they are in my garden.  Here is my Ophelia that is a great double that is bulking up nicely.  I can not wait for all of them to start bulking up and to add more to my collection.  One that I was really impressed with was ‘Fieldgate Prelude’  was very early and the flowers lasted for a very long time.  Great cultivar!


Now for my blues – I was looking at my photos from last spring and I have a lot of blues in the spring.  I guess really attracted to the color and they all seem to show up in the garden in the spring  and well here are some of my blues.   Above are my Scilla siberica ‘Spring Beauty’ starting to flower in the garden that are a bright blue.   Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ is bulking up as well which is a light blue.  The patterns on the petals are just amazing, a great mosaic of blues with a hint of yellow making for a great masterpiece.  They both are starting to bulk and are making a better statement now that the clumps are getting bigger.

iris katherine pic 2

Iris katherine


My little Asarum is blooming under all its’ leaves.  Not showy but cool looking.  A good one for every garden due to their great evergreen foliage.

Till next time.  Happy gardening!


I am hoping that the new year is going well for everyone!  Finally, after about 7 months without a completely working computer  I have a new one!  I hope to be able to post more up in the coming year.

I have so many photos from this past year from the garden.  Here are some of my favorites from this past year-







Some of our garden harvest this summer of Eightball Zucchini and Golden Gate Beans.

marigold sandals

Elena’s marigold sandals that I loved.


My youngest hiding in the Paw Paw seedlings.

Elena pic 2

My oldest doing her best impression of Salvador Dali with one of our Red Yard Long Noddles from our garden.  Below flower crowns for my girls with flowers from our garden in fall.

Ella pic 2

Elena pic 1

Hope everyone has a great day!

Autumn Flowers Part 2

This is what was blooming in my garden about two weeks ago.  Happy with the color all the color I have had this year and look forward to the next.


My Autumn Circus Iris happily blooming again.


I got a new Camellia this fall and I am curious as to how it does this winter.  I hope very well.  This certain cultivar has the strongest fragrance that I have ever smelt on a Camellia.

Fall bulb 1

A white Crocus ochroleucus  I think, my helpers lost my this tag.  Last year it seemed stronger and not as wimpy looking.  I seem to be not having much luck with the fall blooming Crocus.  Not sure what it is that is lacking for them but I hope to fix this.


This beauty I got this fall from Odyssey Bulbs and I am in love!  This little guy ended up sending four other flowers out.  It is Crocus kotschyanus ssp. kotschyanus HKEP. 9317 . I hope that I can keep it happy.

Cambridge Snowdrop pic 2

Cambridge Snowdrop

Weather has gotten crummy and not much is left flowering now except for one of my Snowdrops.   This one is Galanthus reginae-olgae ‘Cambridge’.  I have others that have decided not to bloom or do much this fall but this one has certainly made up for where the others are greatly lacking.  I have been having a debate with myself as to if I like late fall blooming Snowdrops more or Spring ones… still undecided. 🙂

Radish frog

Poor guy looks like my general mood towards winter : -) My radish flowers grew around him though which made him look this grumpy and I could not resist taking his photo.

Dahlia tubers

I dug up my Dahlia tubers but I do not think they are going to make it this year again till spring.  They do not seem happy in storage, so it is a good thing I already ordered my favs.  Open for ideas on storing them.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  You will find me dreaming of flowers and sunshine.






This post was inspired by my oldest finding this large leaf in our yard a couple weeks ago.  It is from our scrawny little Witchhazel. Usually Witchhazel leaves are much smaller, almost palm sized.  Funny how plants can be much like humans by which they are the same but can vary so much.

Witch Hazel

Witchahazel pic 2

In our tree fields, I found a Kousa Dogwood that had jumbo sized fruits.  My thought was would be a good tree to try and make Kousa jam from.  Maybe next year I will try.  This fall, like the summer has gotten away from me and has gone by so fast.

Kousa fruit

Here is a Oakleaf Hydrangea I found with a gigantic leaf and with great fall color I might add.  I have never seen them get this big.

Oakleaf hydrangea

Here is the Burr Oak which is always jumbo sized unlike the other guys I found above.  This tree for me is a must have once I get a bigger yard.  The bark on this tree is fantastic and is very nice architectural quality to in in the winter.  These trees are wonderful they have very large acorns and leaves that are just massive.

Burr oak acorn

Burr Oak leaf

Hope everyone is staying warm!