The begining

The begining

How exciting yet scary, stepping into a world unknown with blogging, flowers and photography. But all positive thinking on juggling my home life with my girls, work and life. I look forward to sharing and learning as much as possible. I am starting with a photograph of one of my Colchicums that I have growing I am not certain on the species. Till next time! Wishing of warmer days in the sun and flowers.


3 thoughts on “The begining

  1. Welcome!! Since my daughter set me up with this WordPress account I’ve had so much fun taking pictures of bees, flowers, and life that it has become a part of me. I can’t wait to get my work done so I can review my photographs and ‘get them out there.’ It’s like having your art in a gallery where the world can see it.

    • Thank you! Yes it is, I too can not wait to get more photographs out! It is all very inspiring and scary at the same time… A major part I have yet to learn is more of the ins and outs of posting and setting up. Thanks again!

      • If I can offer a suggestion, fill out your “About” page. For me, it’s one of the first places I go on a new blog. I like to know in what country the person lives, gender, and a little about themselves. My daughter set mine up…down the line I added to it.
        Good luck.

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