Say hello to Eveline!

Say hello to Eveline!

I had this beauty growing in my garden this past summer. This is Dahlia ‘Eveline’ now that you guys are acquainted here are some notes about her. Bloom time was later in the summer, so she was taking up real estate with not much of a show except for the lush dark green foliage. She was a great grower once the temperatures cooled down. The cooler temps also finally made blush of purple appear on the blooms, whereas before it was just a white that had me second guessing the cultivar. I would say that Eveline worked great as a cut flower as well. I have had some Dahlias that do not last long at all as a cut but this one did great! Its’ current status it is packed away in the basement out of the frosts’ sight. So it made the cut, it will return again next year, makes about 4 stars on my list.

Happy gardening!


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