Oh deer!

Unfortunately, not much has been happening in the garden these past couple weeks.  No plants emerging from dormancy.  The only action that has really been going on is unwanted visitors…. deer.  The deer seemed to have eaten everything in sight. They even ate stuff that supposedly they do not eat like the Hellebore, Lavender and Geraniums they ate. Yeah right,   I guess they did not get that memo. Some of my causalities can be seen below.

This past fall we decided to install a fence around our garden.  We dropped of the girls at my mothers and we were able to finish the fence in a day and but did not have time to make the two gates.  So the deer found their way in the garden by walking into the 4 foot sections that we had left open for the gates.  I thought the plants would be okay because we live in a subdivision, but nope the deer just walked right in. Every time I thought we might have time to finally finish the gates something came up.  Yesterday was “the day.”  

My beautiful Heuchera ‘Green Spice’  is no more. 😦

 Cora Bell Green Spice BeforeCora Bell Green Spice after

and my Camellia sasanqua ‘Kanjiro has no more blooms and is now twigs (they have revisited it since this photograph.)  I am hoping that everything that they ate will make a fast  recovery in the Spring, though it will most likely take more time for the Camellia. But I am hopeful!


Well, with help from my professional gate installer,we were able to finish both gates.  Ha! no more deer getting in my garden. YAY!

 Gate Installer pic 2Gate installer


I hope everyone has a great Monday!