Looking for Spring

Lily of the valley strip

Currently covered in a blanket of snow, I find myself tired of the cold.  Almost to the point of saying forget this and moving south in search for some sunlight and warmth.  Not much has been going on in the garden, everything still fast asleep.  All the snow we have had has been keeping us inside… getting some of my house projects done, so the only real upside to that.

There was one day a little warm  and I decided I needed to play in the dirt.  I found myself digging up some pips of Lily of the Valley that I had planted for my parents a couple years ago.  I potted them up and brought them inside.  I had read an article a couple years ago of forcing different flowers and they said that the Lily of the Valley was an easier one and that it took about 10 days for them to flower.  For mine it seemed to take forever for them to awaken from their slumber.  I kept wondering what was I doing wrong, each day we would go to the window sill to see if they were sprouting and nothing.  Finally, I decided that I would try misting them.   Every morning I would mist them before work and my oldest in the evening when we got home.  This seemed to do the trick

Lily of the valley sunrise

after waiting for 3 weeks for them, they sprouted within a couple days and were in full bloom with in 7 days.  Pure joy! Seems silly but it was so nice to see spring flowers flowering indoors.  It has been what is keeping me sane and seeing other gardens in bloom that have Hellebore,  Snowdrop, Crocus etc. blooming.

I decided I would try some others to force so I have dug up some Crocus and Grape Hyacinths to see if they will do anything after the Lily of the Valley finished blooming.  So far the Crocus seem content in staying dormant and not saying “hello” to us.  The Grape Hyacinths on the other hand are trying their damnedest to appease me.  One little flower at soil level in the pot.  I also have dug up more Lily of the Valley to flower for us.   No worries the clump at my parents has not even noticed.  I am thankful that it has grown so well, almost like a weed.

I was looking for spring and I found it inside and not under the 12 inches of snow outside.  I have been pleased with my results on forcing flowers to bloom indoors the winter months.  Definitely will do it next winter!

I hope you all have happy dreams of Spring to those of us that only see snow!

Happy Tuesday!

Lily of Valley progression