Karma Cho Dalhia

Our snow and cold temperatures have had me going order crazy on just about everything plant related.  This year my little yard will be extra full, colorful and crowed.  This past couple weeks I have fallen victim to Dahlias.  Dahlias have me fully ensnared.

EvelineIn the past years I have only had a few at a time… not this year. 🙂 The two that I grew last year where Eveline and Night Queen.  I found that Night Queen was more of a vigorous grower and bloomer.  The flowers also lasted longer as cut flowers which is an added plus because during the warmer months I always have to have cut flowers fresh from the garden inside.  As for Eveline, not as impressed with her.  The photo that I had seen that enticed me to buy her had A LOT more purple blushing.  The photo to the left was the most purple blush Eveline got and that was at the end when the temperatures were cooling just days before the frost nipped it.  This time when I ordered I did a general search of photos of the cultivars I ordered to make sure they will be more of what I had in mind.

A couple weeks ago a read a blog from a flower farmer and she had some of her favorites.  It was a great read as always with her posts and to see which Dahlias in her experience that did better in general and as cut flowers.

Blogs have become dangerous thing.  I have been learning so much and have been introduced to so many different plants which in turn gets all the creative juices going and money flowing about buying some of the plants that I see that catch my fancy.

I hope that spring will soon join us for those of us that still see white and for those that are in full spring mode I hope you are enjoying it and that it is behaving for you. I enjoy seeing all the nice spring posts.  Thank you!

Do you grow Dahlias? If so, which ones are your favorites?

Happy Thursday!

Night Queen Dahlia



17 thoughts on “Dahlia

  1. Happy Thursday too Flora, I haven’t grown any Dahlias for years apart from Bishop of Llandaff, which became very fashionable, but I think this year I am going to try again. I have been trying to decide wether to buy the rose Penny Lane and can’t quite decide from any photograph what colour it truly is.

    • Thank you! I find that many times they change the true colors with editing the photos. Penny Lane looks very pretty, it sort of looks like a form of coralish? center and cream edges. It becomes frustrating at times with trying to find the true color of flowers. Do you have to dig yours up at the end of the season? I have to dig mine and sometimes I lose them during the winter.



      • I have to lift them as well. One year I tried setting them in shredded newspaper in cold storage and that seemed to work. But I have read many do not place them in anything so I am giving that a try this year but I think that they might be getting too dry.

  2. Happy Thursday Flora! Yes, I have grown dahlias, and will be making my final choices for ordering for this summer soon…. decisions, decisions! I have also been disappointed in the past though, and will take your advice and cross-search pictures.

    • Thank you! Are there any that you have enjoyed more than others in the past? It is hard just choosing some. It almost makes my want to say okay all of you are coming with me! 🙂 stay warm!

  3. I have grown dahlias. For several years I had one called Arabian Nights, as well as Bishop of Llandsdaff. Both are dark red. However I lost them some years back. I see you have had that problem too. They didn’t seem to like the place where I stored them for the winter. I should try again and be more careful about keeping them dryer. Not only are they very lush but they are also a very versatile plant – good in pots, good as cut flowers or good in flowerbeds.

    • Yes, they are very versatile plants that can offer a garden a lot. I guess you just have to know the trick, I have not entirely figured it out yet. But, I have to do some more experimenting to do as it goes for storing. Arabian Nights has intrigued me for many years but I have yet to try that one. I have a soft spot for the chocolate colored flowers or so they call them. The Bishop of Llandsdaff looks like a nice bright red lipstick color that looks fantastic! Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

      • …fine, but they can’t get too dry, stored them in a cold room around 5-8 degrees C, just in card boxes or bags with spreaded newspapers, nothing more. end of march/early april they show new shoots. replaced them early days of mai, after night frosts disappeared…(hope itś easy to understand)
        have a good day…

      • Thank you! This is where I have them but they seem very shriveled. Could I sent you a photo later to see if you think that they will be okay or if too shriveled?

      • of course Erica, maybe try Twitter in my header menu, but I don’t know how to submit pics in twitter ??? or send a mail address, but use (at) not clear code…or I send my fastmail account, cause my main mail account is brand new and super server guarded (protected) from berlin location and brand new…cause I hate NSA spying…(pardon, actual germans dearest wishing…)
        …or you find another way, maybe MMS to my S3 Android Hdy…
        tell me, what u prefer…
        kindly reagards…

    • They are very beautiful and there are so many different ones. It is hard to choose when ordering them. They are easy enough if you are warm enough that you do not have to lift them and store them. I also know some that get them and use them as you would annuals for just the one season.

  4. Nice info and thanks for the links! I’m sinking into a little dahlia fling again, and have ordered just a couple more for this year. Last year’s favorite was Plum Pretty, what a great plant it was, I hope the roots make it through the winter (so far so good).
    For a couple years I’ve been wanting to start a pack of “bishops children”… hmmm, Park seed offers it and today is their last day of free shipping….. I must resist, I already have way too many seed responsibilities!

    • Yes, I know all about that. I think I over did it on the seed ordering this year. I think I was a little over zealous. I do not even know where all the plants are going to go if I do start them. lol I have never tried starting Dahlias from seed before, something for me to look into. Plum Pretty looks very nice, do they consider it a cactus/spider ? Did you bring it in as a cut flower? If so, how did it do as a cut for you? Most of the flowers I grow I try to get double use from them as a cut flower as well to give to my parents and grandmother.

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