Road Trip!

Anna's Red HelleborePennys Pink Hellebore

Pine Knot saleLast Friday we went on a road trip to an open days that a Hellebore grower in southern Virginia was having. It was so great to finally see something with flowers on it. It was about a 4 hours drive south. There was one gentleman there that had driven 8 hours to get there and was going to then drive right back.  I could not imagine.  I would have made a weekend of it.

There was a big difference between what they had blooming verses what we do further north. Which in turn was saddening knowing that I would be doing back toPrimula no flowers… but I have photographs so that makes it better. 🙂 My Hellebores have flower buds that are very low to the ground still and have not yet flowered nor are they as vigorous due to such cold conditions.  Above is the Anna’s Red and Penny’s Pink, I took them to show mine what they are really supposed to look like but they really did not care.

CyclamenFor those that do not really like Hellebores they had a selection of other plants and shrubs from other growers. One that I visited more aka spent more with was with the gentleman that had Hardy Cyclamens. I had three previously, lets just say they are going to be a really big happy family of Hardy Cyclamens in my yard. 🙂 They also had a vendor that had different shrubs that look very enticing, like the Daphne. I have tried Daphne a number of times because I just love it so much but it gets too cold for it here. I once tried growing as a container garden and Edgeworthia Akebonobrought it inside but it just did not get enough light inside and got terrible scale on it. Another stunner was the Edgeworthia and a cultivar called Akebono which was a lovely shade of orange that would brighten the winter landscape immensely.  Other things for sale were Snowdrops, Hepatica and Primulas.

Once I finished spending all of my money we took a walk in their garden. It was every nice seeing all the different flowers blooming in their garden. But of course I had no more battery left in my camera and was cursing the fact that I no back up battery, so lesson learned. Tomorrow I will be traveling North to hear Matt Bishop talk at Winterthur and I will charge my battery tonight and make sure camera cards are cleared.

It was a great trip. Sometimes one just needs a day to get away and enjoy.  They are calling for warmer weather for us tomorrow I hope for you all as well.  Have a great Friday and weekend!


10 thoughts on “Road Trip!

      • I have not been before but would have like to get some cyclamen, snowdrops and hepatica (in addition to hellebores). Probably better for my budget I didn’t get there.

      • Ahh yes I know that one well. At times plants are not budget friendly but I guess there are worse things to spend money on. The gentleman that had the Cyclamen is very nice. I have ordered from him before and they are very nice full plants. The price range was $10-14, so not bad. He has a way to order them online I linked it you to the ones he has. I have had good luck with them. Only thing is making sure animals stay out of them. Mine the deer chewed on some. The Hepatica I have been interested in but I don’t think I have the right spot for them.

  1. Lovely photos… I am rapidly becoming a hellebore fan since floating some in a bowl made me realize just how pretty they are. I now keep seeing pictures of hellebores floating everywhere and wonder how I missed out on the trick so long! That is a long way to drive for an open day, so glad it was fruitful for you!

    • Yes, thank you! They are now breeding Hellebore with their flowers facing upwards and these you can enjoy more outside. The Anna’s Red and the Penny’s Pink are those that face upwards. But there is nothing more magical then seeing a bowl full of floating Hellebore flowers!

  2. Beautiful pictures and it sounds like it was a nice trip (fortunately not an 8 hour one!) the cyclamen picture is such a nice spring burst. Too bad your battery died, I would have loved a few more photos from down there!
    How did you make out at Winterthur? I heard it warmed up a bit and there were a few snowdrops for sale, even a few for ordering 😉

    • I do have some more photos from Pine Knot that I can add to the post. Sometimes I think that I go photo overload on the posts at times so I did not put more up. I will let you know when I do.
      Winterthur was great! It was the first time I had been there. I have not yet had the chance to put up the post, I hope to today. It was a nice sunny day to walk the gardens, though the Snowdrops where not up all the way but you got to see just how large the colony is. There were some Snowdrops for sale and for ordering. Sadly, I was not able to order any from Matt Bishop… hopefully he will come next year and I will order then 🙂

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