Snowdrops pic 1Saturday, March 8th,  I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Matt Bishop a give a presentation.  He is the co author of “Snowdrops: A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus.”  I have yet to purchase because here in the states it is rather expensive, but hopefully one of these days my bookshelf will be the home of a copy. The presentation on Snowdrops was titled “A Survey of Snowdrops Freaks and Mainly Natural Variants’.    The talk highlighted 62 different Snowdrops and the stories behind some of them, which was very interesting.  The photographs were exceptional on the presentation and that made me want to add all of them to my collection, an impossible feat I know.  But below I are some of the ones that I liked the most.

  • G. nivalis ‘Angleposie’ – pure double whiteSnowdrops pic 3
  • G nivalis ‘Green Tear’
  • G. nivalis ‘Miss Tep’
  • G nivalis ‘Dreisporn’
  • G. nivalis ‘Charlotte Jean’
  • G. gracilis ‘Atlas’
  • G. plicatus ‘E.A. Bowles’
  • G. plicatus ‘Bumble Bee’ – loved the markings on this one. Stunning!
  • G. elwesii ‘Nobody’s Prank’
  • G. ‘South Hayes’
  • G. ‘Bill Boardman’ – a very nice yellow
  • G. ‘Midas’

I know it is a long list of ones selected from his list, but I would love them in my garden.  If anyone has some free time….what’s that right? 🙂 do a search a look them up, they are beautiful!Group

As for the location, the talk was located at Winterthur in Delaware. A great place to visit full of history, gardens and lots of fun. It was about a three hour drive north, so not too bad.  In correlation to the talk Winterthur gave a tour of called “Bank to Bend.” The walk/tour called was named this because it started at March Bank and ended at Magnolia Bend.  The different names for the garden paths.  The walk was full of Snowdrops, Aconite and Adonis. The group that showed up for the tour was very large which made it hard sometimes to enjoy it.  But in the end we ended up walking it again without the group and walked the rest of the gardens.  A lot of the spring flowering bulbs/plants had just started so they were not all up, but you could see just how large the mass plantings were of the Snowdrop, Aconite and Adonis.  They had a large section dedicated as a children’s area was wonderful.  I will have to revisit when the temperatures warm up and take the girls along, for they are sure to enjoy it.

Adonis They did have a great plant sale with a lot of spring beauties that included; Snowdrops, Scilla, Edgeworthia, Witchhazel, Hellebores, Adonis.  The plants provided for sale were from Black Hog Farmstead Bed and Breakfast and Carolyn’s Shade Gardens.  I bought two Snowdrops from Black Hog, Potter’s Prelude and reinae-olgae that I have been wanting for some time now.  These ones flower in the fall and not spring and I find that fact rather interesting.  Matt Bishop had some for sale as well but you had to place the order then and come back for pickup.  Reason being, the Snowdrops had not yet completely cleared customs for sale for Saturday.  I have heard that they still have not been cleared, I hope that the poor bulbs are alright.  I sadly enough did not get any which I find myself regretting.   I was rationalizing.  😦 I have completely blown my Snowdrop budget for the year and decided could not take the day off from work to go pick them up.  But it would have been cool to be able say that “yeah, I have a Snowdrop from Matt Bishop.”  Maybe he will come again next year and I can get one then.

Along with the plant sale they had some paintings by Adrian Martinez.  They were of the days theme of Snowdrops so it was very appropriate.  The paintings made me want to paint again and try my hand a rendering some as well.

Well I hope it was not too boring a read.  Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


13 thoughts on “Winterthur

  1. Lovely to spend a day with like-minded people looking at and hearing about plants. From your photos it looks like spring has reached you – and that maple tree is beautiful!

    • Yes, spring is starting to finally. The Maple was a very large and beautiful specimen, I could not resist photographing it. We had another snow storm hit us yesterday that dropped about 8″ of snow. I hope there will be no more and smooth sailing into spring!

  2. Sounds like you had a real nice day out, I enjoyed the recap. The pictures you took look great it’s nice to see spring coming along like that even with the last snows!

      • There were some but it was clear that spring would have been better. Still beautiful, very lush and green. I enjoyed nearby Longwood Gardens for its more colorful displays.

      • Oh, well maybe I should do more than one garden visit and not just Winterthur like you. I have been wanting to go to Longwood for sometime now, never enough time. Have you gone to Mt. Cuba? It is close to Winterthur and I have heard that it is nice as well.

  3. Where I live in the UK is just an hour away from the garden where Matt Bishop is the head gardener. I have his snowdrop book, which is so helpful when trying to identify snowdrops which have lost their labels!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

    • It must be very beautiful there, one of these days I will make it. 🙂 It looks like you have a nice collection of Snowdrops. I recently started collecting them, so I really only have a mini collection. Yes, labels do have a tendency to get lost no matter how hard one tries. I have been wanting to get the book but here it is not always available. Thank you, to you as well for stopping and leaving a message!

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