The garden that almost was.

We live in a townhome currently with a small yard and have always wanted to not live so close to others.  I guess this is what happens when you grow up in the country with no neighbors in sight and land to go on adventures and explore.  Recently, came across a house with land that would have been prefect of our little family.  A house not too big or too small, same with the land perfect for the girls to run on, out of the city enough, closer to work and family.  I started planning in my head the garden; sweeps of large sun loving Hydrangeas and grasses with larger groups of all my beloved flowers (in comparison to what I have now which is one of each), an actual kitchen garden full of all my herbs, a veg garden to last us year long, a cold frame, a greenhouse (this I think I loved the most), apple trees that included my favorite Winter Banana and enough berry bushes planted out for my monsters to fill their bellies till content and fingers stained.

Reality set in.  The owner was unwilling to workout the price, which was way over priced and still needed costly fixes.  😦 He owes nothing on it, rented it out for the past 15 years.  I would have understood some, if the money was needed but it was just out of greed.  The realtor stated that the owner did not care if the house sat, just cared that the price paid to him was the high or more than his asking.  So now I guess we just wait until we find the actual “perfect” one for us.  Until then I will keep collecting and starting seeds for our little section of veggies.  But one thing has keep me thinking, which plants I would take with us, all of the plants? I could not just leave everything. I could not narrow it down but what I came up with was; Snowdrops, lilies, daylilies, hellebores, Swamp Azalea, misc. rare bulbs and random climbing rose that I no longer remember the cultivar.

So the question is which plants would you “have” to take with you if you were to move from your current home and garden?

Happy Monday!

Misc Climbing Rose


17 thoughts on “The garden that almost was.

  1. I enjoyed reading about your “almost” garden, what a shame it came to nothing. I’m glad to see snowdrops and hellebores were on your list of what you couldn’t leave behind, they would be high on my list along with meconopsis, candelabra primulas, fritillaria meleagris and cowslips, most of which I have grown from seed and couldn’t bear to leave them all behind.

    • Thank you Pauline, in time I believe we will find “the one.” Yes, I love my snowdrops and hellebores. My snowdrop collection has been a large investment so its coming with me. 🙂 I need to try some of your must haves like the fritillaria, have been curious about them for some time. Thank you for sharing and stopping by. 🙂

    • It looks very beautiful and exotic. I think that a bond was formed in caring for in those 5 years leading up to the blooms has made it so valuable for you,I believe I would be this way as well. Thank you for commenting and sharing!

  2. Maybe that house was just not meant to be and there is a better one waiting for you somewhere else. I would not take anything but photographs when we move from this inland spot, its not that I do not want them, but I like them where they are and in my imagination our next house has a seaside garden.

  3. I brought Daylily, Sweet Violets, Cowslip, Primrose, Melissa, Catnip, Sage, Lillies, Snowdrops, Grandmother’s variegated Vinca, (to name but a few) but wish I had brought my Hellebore and Fritillary. It is fun creating a new garden.
    Hope you find your special place soon 🙂

    • Thank you, I think I just need patience. Good things come to those that wait. 🙂 Sounds like a nice selection that you brought along. It is fun creating new gardens always, I believe. I think for me at least at this moment am stuck on my favorites, maybe in time this will change. Another thing here is, I have found that not everything is so readily available and one has to really search for some of the more rare plants or just even a selection sometimes and those are the ones that I would have a hard time leaving. Also knowing that the next owner most likely would not care about the selection of plants I have collected over the years would be hard. In these parts not many are interested in gardening. Maybe this too will change with time. 🙂

      • My sister is in Canada so listening to her gardening exploits is enlightening. I left a lot of flowers in my over-stuffed garden and the new people don’t have time to garden. I’m sure you will get the garden you like in time. Meanwhile enjoy dreaming of you new one 😉

  4. Flora, hope you’ll find a perfect house with room for your garden dreams. When I moved I mostly brought plants given to me by special people. I still enjoy knowing, for example, the old rose was grown by my grandmother, cousin and mother.

  5. That is a shame. but the right house and garden is out there somewhere just waiting… 😉 When we moved here 8 years ago the garden was non-existent, so I only had a tiny patch of shady soil to put a few plants from my last garden. An Astrantia and an Epimedium were two I remember. Now it would be very hard to decide and would depend on the new site…. perhaps some iris and coneflowers, and all my Pulmonarias! Hope you find your dream home soon!

    • Yes I hear it calling! 🙂 Oh I had forgotten about my epimedium… adding that to the list 🙂 How many different Pulmonarias do you have? I have grown some but they do not do too well for me. I think they get too hot and do not like it here.

  6. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks through elaborate planting plans for yards (and public spaces even!) that end up not happening. You’ll find the right space for your family someday.
    We moved here a little over five years ago and I took a little of lots of things and I’m glad I did! It would be hard moving again, I’d have to limit myself to the sentimental things and rarer stuff, and it would still be plenty of digging 🙂

  7. Oh, how I hated that emotional roller coaster of house shopping! In your mind, you made it yours, and then it slipped away… I don’t envy you, but as many have commented – the right one is still out there waiting for you. As for which plant I would bring along, I have a terrible time trying to choose just one. I would for sure bring some Iris confusa (bamboo iris), and some of my favorite hellebores.

    • Thank you! Hopefully a better one will come along. Yes, same with when we bought our place that we are living in now, it was very much a roller coaster till we finally found it. The Iris confuse looks very beautiful. Hellebores has been a very popular and with reason. They are beautiful, would not want to leave mine either. Thank you for stopping by!

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