Lilies 2

The days have cooled off some but still no rain which is not so good for the garden.  But, here are some more of my lilies.   It looks like in the next week or so my Lilies will be finishing up.  Hopefully, next year I will have more to help extend the blooming time of my lilies into August.

Lily ‘Scarlet Delight’

Scarlet Delight


Liliy 1

Lily ‘Anastasia’


Do you collect a specific plant?  If so, what are they?


Happy Thursday!


Macro Monday – Okra


Loving these beauties!  I never knew that Okra had such a beautiful flower until I started growing them this year.  They also have great lush, bold leaves that would work great as an ornamental in the landscape.

Happy Monday!


It has been a very busy couple months. Things are starting to slow down some and I have time to write. The garden has continued on. The garden no longer is the sad display it was in the winter months but is so full of green and lush. We went from winter to summer with not much of a transition but has been hot.

The Lilies have loved the hot weather and have out done themselves this year and have been magnificent. I have a soft spot for Lilies. The scent of them when one is out in the garden is magical.  I would have fields full of Lilies if I could.

My largest lily in the garden reached 7 – 8′ tall, Altari.  I counted 14 flower buds on one stalk! One can imagine that 14 flower buds equal a very heavy load on the stalks. So lets just say we have a very nice large arrangement of lilies inside. Next year I have to figure out a way to stake them.

I have a few more in my collection that have not bloomed yet and are later bloomers.  Still looking to add some more to my collection, I have been stalking the websites of B&D Lilies and The Lily Garden.  I will more than likely have more in my collection next year. 🙂

Does anyone have a preference to any? 

Altari pic 1Altari pic 3Altari pic 2


Above pictures are all of Atlari.  Love the pink and white!  Strong sweet lily fragrance.  Bondini lily

Bondini has great yellow and pink coloring to the flowers. Looks great with purple flowers.  Fragrant.

Iona pic 1

Iona.  What can I say other than “LOVE IT!”  First season in so the plant is small but I am definitely looking forward to seeing how large it gets next year. Slightly fragrant, possible stronger next year??

lily pic 1

This is another new one to the garden but I could not figure out which one it was.  Hopefully next year it will be bigger so I can see the true form. Slightly fragrant, the freckles are wonderful.

Lily pic 2

Here is one from a Orienpet lily mixture I bought several years back.  The yellow is wonderful lemon yellow.  Very fragrant!