Lilies 2

The days have cooled off some but still no rain which is not so good for the garden.  But, here are some more of my lilies.   It looks like in the next week or so my Lilies will be finishing up.  Hopefully, next year I will have more to help extend the blooming time of my lilies into August.

Lily ‘Scarlet Delight’

Scarlet Delight


Liliy 1

Lily ‘Anastasia’


Do you collect a specific plant?  If so, what are they?


Happy Thursday!


12 thoughts on “Lilies 2

  1. Lovely lilies, they are so beautiful. Without meaning to, I seem to have a few collections, starting with snowdrops, then primulas and finishing with day lilies!

  2. Oh they are lovely! We have been thinking of moving for some time, so any serious plant collecting in my own garden, does not happen, but if I were to choose I’d love to have a very large collection of Apple trees. We are waiting for rain here too!

    • Thank you! They do all the work for me. Pulmonaria is a good one. I love them but for some reason they do not love me. They seem to die out on me. My favorite is Raspberry Splash great dark pink flowers in the spring.

    • Anastasia is very nice and bloomed for much longer than I thought it would! Which native has performed best for you? I would love to have a collection of native spring ephemerals but I do not seem to have the right conditions – maybe one day 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I would love to grow lilies but the deer seem to find them. Getting a fence is on the to-do list for the fall. If I collect anything, it’s spring ephemerals. I am obsessed with them. I also have quite a few iris, as you know, but many of them came with the place.

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