Garden flowers

Summer is my favorite season. The garden beds are full and crammed with plants.  Below is the back flower bed of a view from the kitchen window.  I am afraid not much color reads from this view but I think one of the factors is not enough rain.  Our lawn does not look so good but we have tried several times to seed the lawn and amendment but still not success.   Who needs lawn space?  I think I hear grass being grubbed out for more plants and a stone patio going in 🙂


The view coming down to the side to the back flower bed.


I love having flowers in the garden and being able to cut some to bring insideand to give away.  Here was this weekends cuts.  It includes flowering Oregano, Dahlia ‘Café Au Lait’, Butterfly Bush, Marigold, Nicotiana sylvestris and some Knautia.

Cut flowers

Here are some of my favorites that are blooming in the garden now.


Sanguisorba – love the dark red flowers.

Chocolate Sunflower

Sunflower ‘Chocolate’ – love this color, it appears almost like velvet.  If I could have fields of different sunflowers it still would not be enough.


Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’ – looking great I would love to have more of these scattered in the garden beds.

Toad lily

Toad Lily Samurai has proven to me how tough it can be.  It has done very well for me in a rocky dry spot.


Lastly for today, Zinnia Queen Red Lime.  Last year I could not figure out if I liked the color of them or not but I have decided yes.  They look great inside as cuts and mix well with other flowers.

I hope everyone has a great week!





14 thoughts on “Garden flowers

  1. I like the overview, you can tell a gardener lives there! Your sunflower is a beauty. I usually shy away from the darker ones but it looks like I need to rethink that!

  2. I love your Rudbeckia, that has gone straight into my little note book. We haven’t had rain for weeks here, it was threatened to rain all day today, but just a spit.

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