Autumn Flowers

I cannot believe it is already Autumn, but mostly I am not wanting the dreaded season that follows.  Talks are that this one is going to be colder and longer which does not sit well with me.

Back to Autumn – nothing compares to the Autumn breeze that is rolling in and the cooler mornings.  The garden is transforming and many flowers like the roses are getting their second wind due to the cooler temperatures.

Alexandra of kent LD Ba

Princess Alexandra of Kent – looking wonderfully pink.  The second is L D Braithwaite, although it is supposed to be more crimson this is a older bloom and is appearing more hot pink in the photo.  My others have buds on them but have not started just yet.  I still would like more Roses incorporated in the garden.  Always love having them as cut flowers in the house.  Do you grow any Roses?  If so, which ones are your favorites that have done good for you?

Now for the Autumn flowers that I cannot live without.

cylcamen herd

Cyclamen hederifolium ‘Sweetheart Splash’  has done great for me, excellent in fact.  I have always stayed clear of them because I thought they were difficult plants.  I finally decided to plant one last year.  I have since added to my Cyclamen collection but this one has by far done the best out of all my others.  This one for me starts in August and goes till mid fall.



Colchicums are one of my top bulb loves.  Every garden should have some.  I do not have a large collection of them but with time it is growing.  The ones above are Antares and Waterlily, my others have already finished blooming. There is one that I have been trying to find for sometime and cannot find called Pink Goblet. Not sure if anyone has heard about this one but from the pictures I have seen the color is more pink then the blue-purple and a tighter flower shape.

Other fall bulbs that I am looking forward too are the fall blooming Crocus and Leucojum autumnale that are supposed to start soon but I have not seen them yet.

Anemone Honorine

Anemone Sept Charm

Lastly for now are the Japanese Anemones.  Anemone × hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ and September Charm are in full bloom.  I am happy that this year they are able to bloom.  In the past years they were completely demolished by insects, glad they did not visit again.

What are some of your Autumn favorites?



4 thoughts on “Autumn Flowers

  1. Inspite of how common, I really like the knockout roses. They bloom and bloom with little attention – not long stem rose but still wonderful. My Mother’s favorvite was Peace – a very fragrant cream and peach colored rose that I still love.

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