Autumn Garden

Hope everyone has been enjoying the cooler weather.  I am every much enjoying autumn with its’ cool mornings, sunrises and sunsets full of bright colors.  Also enjoying what the cooler weather is doing to the flowers.  Flowers are appearing much more rich in color.  Below are pictures from the garden.


Dendranthemum pic 1

The Dendranthemum is in full bloom now – brings lots of color for this time of the year. Love it!

African Blue pic 1

As always the African Blue Basil is doing great.  It is a good annual to have in the garden, great arrangement filler, bees love it, tastes great and the list goes on as to why this is a great plant to have.


Raydons Fav

My Raydon’s Favorite is in full bloom.  Not as showy as it was last year but it is because I heavily divided due to its’ large nature and I needed more room for more plants 🙂

Honorie Jobert

My Honorine Jobert Anemone is still blooming where as my others have finished by now.


Rear yard

View of the garden from our kitchen window.

Turf is still looking rough but I have big plans, so hopefully next year I will not have to look at it. 🙂


Close up of the Dendranthemum Sheffield Pink


All my Hardy Cyclamen have sent out their foliage.  I cannot wait for them to start seeding an spreading out.

clematis pic 1

With the cooler weather the Clematis is reblooming.

cafe au lait pic 2

Café  au Lait again but now notice the color change.  It is now appearing more like the color everyone associates with it, more like a cream.


gerrie pic 1

My Gerrie Hoek Dahlia is a much more vibrant pink than before when the months were so hot.

The garden has not suffered a frost yet and I am hoping for another week frost free but we will see how long it lasts.

What are some of your favorite things about autumn?

Happy gardening!


6 thoughts on “Autumn Garden

  1. Your garden looks so strong and vivid. Glad to know the name of the Dendranthemum Sheffield Pink–I’ve been admiring this in a neighbor’s yard. The white clematis is lovely.

  2. You have a lot of colour still Flora, it all looks lovely! You’ve done very well with Honorine Jobert too, mine have gone over already and were fleeting this year.

  3. Plans are afoot, I like the sound of that!
    My favorite thing about fall today is when the leaves are cleaned up and the lush green grass is such a nice contrast to the colored leaves and fresh mulch. It will only last a day or so before the wind brings down new leaves, but for a little while it all looks so neat and orderly.

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