This post was inspired by my oldest finding this large leaf in our yard a couple weeks ago.  It is from our scrawny little Witchhazel. Usually Witchhazel leaves are much smaller, almost palm sized.  Funny how plants can be much like humans by which they are the same but can vary so much.

Witch Hazel

Witchahazel pic 2

In our tree fields, I found a Kousa Dogwood that had jumbo sized fruits.  My thought was would be a good tree to try and make Kousa jam from.  Maybe next year I will try.  This fall, like the summer has gotten away from me and has gone by so fast.

Kousa fruit

Here is a Oakleaf Hydrangea I found with a gigantic leaf and with great fall color I might add.  I have never seen them get this big.

Oakleaf hydrangea

Here is the Burr Oak which is always jumbo sized unlike the other guys I found above.  This tree for me is a must have once I get a bigger yard.  The bark on this tree is fantastic and is very nice architectural quality to in in the winter.  These trees are wonderful they have very large acorns and leaves that are just massive.

Burr oak acorn

Burr Oak leaf

Hope everyone is staying warm!