Autumn Flowers Part 2

This is what was blooming in my garden about two weeks ago.  Happy with the color all the color I have had this year and look forward to the next.


My Autumn Circus Iris happily blooming again.


I got a new Camellia this fall and I am curious as to how it does this winter.  I hope very well.  This certain cultivar has the strongest fragrance that I have ever smelt on a Camellia.

Fall bulb 1

A white Crocus ochroleucus  I think, my helpers lost my this tag.  Last year it seemed stronger and not as wimpy looking.  I seem to be not having much luck with the fall blooming Crocus.  Not sure what it is that is lacking for them but I hope to fix this.


This beauty I got this fall from Odyssey Bulbs and I am in love!  This little guy ended up sending four other flowers out.  It is Crocus kotschyanus ssp. kotschyanus HKEP. 9317 . I hope that I can keep it happy.

Cambridge Snowdrop pic 2

Cambridge Snowdrop

Weather has gotten crummy and not much is left flowering now except for one of my Snowdrops.   This one is Galanthus reginae-olgae ‘Cambridge’.  I have others that have decided not to bloom or do much this fall but this one has certainly made up for where the others are greatly lacking.  I have been having a debate with myself as to if I like late fall blooming Snowdrops more or Spring ones… still undecided. 🙂

Radish frog

Poor guy looks like my general mood towards winter : -) My radish flowers grew around him though which made him look this grumpy and I could not resist taking his photo.

Dahlia tubers

I dug up my Dahlia tubers but I do not think they are going to make it this year again till spring.  They do not seem happy in storage, so it is a good thing I already ordered my favs.  Open for ideas on storing them.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  You will find me dreaming of flowers and sunshine.






11 thoughts on “Autumn Flowers Part 2

  1. Flora, you have a lot of beauties there. Do you know the name of the camellia? I have one very, very fragrant with perhaps more pink than yours that several bloggers identified for me as Camellia sasanqua ‘Hana-Jiman’. Good luck storing your dahlias.

    • Thank you, the one I got was tagged as Camellia X ‘Survivor’ but in all my research they never mentioned the strong fragrance which seems strange to me because to me it smells amazing. It smells similar to Osmanthus fragrans which does not grow where I am but more south. Not sure if that helps you or not but I would try emailing the folks at Camellia Forest Nursery located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina if you have not already : -)

  2. Hi Flora, I would love to grow a reblooming Iris but have not been successful so far, I shall keep trying. I can see why you’re in love with your crocus too its really beautiful.

    • Thank you Julie. Autumn Circus has done well for me but it took a bit over a year to get it to bloom. The habit in which it blooms heavy once in the summer and in fall. Another one that I have seen similar is Clarence. Which ones have you tired?

      • I have the white reblooming Iris ‘Immortality’, which has only reflowered once for me in four years. I have recently moved her to a better sunnier spot, I am hoping that helps. Clarence looks interesting, thats a new one on me.

  3. You’ve been putting together quite a nice collection there!
    What difference just a few weeks makes. From fall flowers to winter gray is what I’m seeing around here, and I would love to have another fall snowdrop to cheer things up!
    My dahlias tend to dry out and die so I’ve been keeping them in plastic bags to hold the moisture. That and a nice cool spot seem to work best, but in the end some types just overwinter better.

  4. Funny – I didn’t even know there were fall-blooming snow drops! Crocus yes, but not snowdrops… I love how I learn something new about gardening practically every day. Love your white Camellia – my ‘Yuletide’ is still blooming – it has been going at it for about two months now. 🙂

    • Yes, there quite a bit of earlier ones that I am waiting for them to come more readily available. Last year is when I discovered more about them. A good colony/planting? of them at the Montrose Gardens in NC that I have not been able to see but from the pictures they look wonderful. That is the fun thing I love as well – one will never know everything about gardening. I love the Yuletides as well, there is something about that color red. 🙂 Thank you for stopping in!

      • Oh how funny… After answering your comment, I checked my email, and in one of them found a link to Carolyn’s Shade Gardens snow drop catalog. Serendipity!

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