I am hoping that the new year is going well for everyone!  Finally, after about 7 months without a completely working computer  I have a new one!  I hope to be able to post more up in the coming year.

I have so many photos from this past year from the garden.  Here are some of my favorites from this past year-







Some of our garden harvest this summer of Eightball Zucchini and Golden Gate Beans.

marigold sandals

Elena’s marigold sandals that I loved.


My youngest hiding in the Paw Paw seedlings.

Elena pic 2

My oldest doing her best impression of Salvador Dali with one of our Red Yard Long Noddles from our garden.  Below flower crowns for my girls with flowers from our garden in fall.

Ella pic 2

Elena pic 1

Hope everyone has a great day!


12 thoughts on “Yay!!!

  1. Really some fantastic pictures, love them! I’m glad the computer is up and running…. You never know when the weather will break and the first of the snowdrops start to open 🙂

    • Having a computer again is great, makes some tasks much easier. Thank you for the comment of my girls and their flower crowns. I cannot wait till we have flowers again in our garden for more flower crowns 🙂 Making them are great fun.

    • Thank you and thank you for visiting my blog as well! They do enjoy the flowers and like playing in the dirt with mommy – which brings me much joy and I couldn’t be happier that they enjoy it.

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