Gone are the days!

Poinsettia pic 1

 For the past couple of days I have been out of the office.  I AM LOVING IT!!!  I tend to dread the days that I know will be spent inside all day.

Around the holidays we spend a couple days out of the office visiting clients to catch up with them and delivering gifts for the holidays as a thank you.   It is also another way for me to finally meet some of the people that I have been talking to all year long via email and phone.  As gifts this year I got to visit some of the local growers in our area and picked out some Cyclamens and Poinsettias.  This year the selection of Poinsettias was amazing.  Gone are the days of just the plain ole red.  Colors of Poinsettias that I saw ranged from pinks, peaches, yellows, speckled, variegated and curled that for some reason remind me of Polish Chickens.  I could not resist I ended up getting one for myself or rather for the girls because I choose a nice lacey pink colored Poinsettia… I was right my oldest loved the new pink flower added to our indoor plant selection.

Poinsettia pic 2Poinsettia pic 6Poinsettia pic 7

Not much is happening with my garden for now.  The cold is mostly keeping me inside for now, but I do hear that the temperature might get up to 62 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend…. so excited for that.  Hopefully I can get some photographs of the garden or some flowers that I have.

Till then stay warm!

poinsettia pic 8Poinsettia pic 4Poinsettia pic 5