The year has gone by in a blink, bringing a whirlwind of stress and anxiety.  But the garden doesn’t keep watch on the hour and is always there awaiting me, bringing time of reflection and some peace of mind.

What brings you peace in times of high stress and sorrow?

My mother reminded me the other day to try and find beauty in everything, but it never fails that in times of chaos, stress and worry I forget this.  We had our first frost Saturday night.  Summer is officially over and winter is well on its’ way.  Here is some of the beauty I found in the garden awaiting me early Sunday morning





strawberry vanilla hydrangea



Autumn Flowers Part 2

This is what was blooming in my garden about two weeks ago.  Happy with the color all the color I have had this year and look forward to the next.


My Autumn Circus Iris happily blooming again.


I got a new Camellia this fall and I am curious as to how it does this winter.  I hope very well.  This certain cultivar has the strongest fragrance that I have ever smelt on a Camellia.

Fall bulb 1

A white Crocus ochroleucus  I think, my helpers lost my this tag.  Last year it seemed stronger and not as wimpy looking.  I seem to be not having much luck with the fall blooming Crocus.  Not sure what it is that is lacking for them but I hope to fix this.


This beauty I got this fall from Odyssey Bulbs and I am in love!  This little guy ended up sending four other flowers out.  It is Crocus kotschyanus ssp. kotschyanus HKEP. 9317 . I hope that I can keep it happy.

Cambridge Snowdrop pic 2

Cambridge Snowdrop

Weather has gotten crummy and not much is left flowering now except for one of my Snowdrops.   This one is Galanthus reginae-olgae ‘Cambridge’.  I have others that have decided not to bloom or do much this fall but this one has certainly made up for where the others are greatly lacking.  I have been having a debate with myself as to if I like late fall blooming Snowdrops more or Spring ones… still undecided. 🙂

Radish frog

Poor guy looks like my general mood towards winter : -) My radish flowers grew around him though which made him look this grumpy and I could not resist taking his photo.

Dahlia tubers

I dug up my Dahlia tubers but I do not think they are going to make it this year again till spring.  They do not seem happy in storage, so it is a good thing I already ordered my favs.  Open for ideas on storing them.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  You will find me dreaming of flowers and sunshine.





Café Love Part 2

Hello all!  Hoping everyone had a great weekend.  Here in the States most had off from work for Labor Day so it was a nice 3 day weekend for us.  It is the unofficial start of Autumn.  Not sure how I really feel about that but, we will see.

Title is self explanatory,  here is another post on my Café au Lait Dahlias.  Sorry, for those that might be tired of them.  I just have never had a Dahlia do so well for me and I just love it!

Cafe in garden


The flowers range so much in size and color sometimes that it is hard to believe that they all come from the same tuber.  Below is the color range I have with mine which mostly changes as the flowers mature.  They start a pale pink and transform to a peachy color.  The centers are different as well which is interesting.

Cafe color progression

Cafe color progression pic 2



The flower heads on them are so big that at times they are awkward in a arrangement mixed with others flowers.  But I always try, they last a good while as cuts inside.


Cafe bouquet pic 1

Cafe bouquet pic 2

Cafe flower pic 1


I hope everyone has a great day!  I promise my next one will not be about my Café au Lait Dahlias.  🙂

Café Love

My oldest daughter celebrated her birthday this week, so this weeks arrangement was inspired by her love of pink.  I will say that it is one of my favorites too so it might be where she got it from 🙂

Pink Arrangement pic 1

Pink Arrangement pic 2

The flower that stole the show again was the Dahlia ‘Café Au Lait.’  I cannot get over how much I love this flower.  This Dahlia is one of the best I have grown.  Great flower producer! I purchased the tuber from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm this spring as a part of a fundraiser they were having to help rebuild one of their greenhouses.

Pink Arrangement pic 3

Cafe au lait

Cafe au lait pic 2


Other flowers that were added in include;  Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush, Red Lime Queen Zinnia, Cramer’s Amazon Celosia and Wendy’s Wish Salvia.  The Wendy’s Wish is a other one that I cannot get enough of as well.  For me it is an annual so I have to replant every year but I do not mind.  It supplies blooms from late spring till frost.   I noticed a light fragrance this year which seems strange because I have not before but it is welcomed.  Also a great Hummingbird attractant!

Butterfly Bush

Lime Queen

Cramers Amazon Celosia

Wendys Wish close up

I hope everyone is having a great day!



Karma Cho Dalhia

Our snow and cold temperatures have had me going order crazy on just about everything plant related.  This year my little yard will be extra full, colorful and crowed.  This past couple weeks I have fallen victim to Dahlias.  Dahlias have me fully ensnared.

EvelineIn the past years I have only had a few at a time… not this year. 🙂 The two that I grew last year where Eveline and Night Queen.  I found that Night Queen was more of a vigorous grower and bloomer.  The flowers also lasted longer as cut flowers which is an added plus because during the warmer months I always have to have cut flowers fresh from the garden inside.  As for Eveline, not as impressed with her.  The photo that I had seen that enticed me to buy her had A LOT more purple blushing.  The photo to the left was the most purple blush Eveline got and that was at the end when the temperatures were cooling just days before the frost nipped it.  This time when I ordered I did a general search of photos of the cultivars I ordered to make sure they will be more of what I had in mind.

A couple weeks ago a read a blog from a flower farmer and she had some of her favorites.  It was a great read as always with her posts and to see which Dahlias in her experience that did better in general and as cut flowers.

Blogs have become dangerous thing.  I have been learning so much and have been introduced to so many different plants which in turn gets all the creative juices going and money flowing about buying some of the plants that I see that catch my fancy.

I hope that spring will soon join us for those of us that still see white and for those that are in full spring mode I hope you are enjoying it and that it is behaving for you. I enjoy seeing all the nice spring posts.  Thank you!

Do you grow Dahlias? If so, which ones are your favorites?

Happy Thursday!

Night Queen Dahlia


Say hello to Eveline!

Say hello to Eveline!

I had this beauty growing in my garden this past summer. This is Dahlia ‘Eveline’ now that you guys are acquainted here are some notes about her. Bloom time was later in the summer, so she was taking up real estate with not much of a show except for the lush dark green foliage. She was a great grower once the temperatures cooled down. The cooler temps also finally made blush of purple appear on the blooms, whereas before it was just a white that had me second guessing the cultivar. I would say that Eveline worked great as a cut flower as well. I have had some Dahlias that do not last long at all as a cut but this one did great! Its’ current status it is packed away in the basement out of the frosts’ sight. So it made the cut, it will return again next year, makes about 4 stars on my list.

Happy gardening!