Fall Encore

What is blooming in your fall garden now?  Here is what is in mine.

I do not care much for this time of year when we have had light frosts.  But the frost does enough damage so that all the all my flowers turn black and annuals have all mushed.  Every year I try and add more to the garden to try so that my time without flowers gets shorter.

My Dendranthemas have done exceptional for me this year.  I am very impressed with how well they have done with the frosts and how long the flowers last on them.  My favorite is a butter cream colored one that I planted last fall, which of course I can not remember the name of it or find the tag.

dendranthemum pic 2


A new one for me this year is Purple Mist and as a cut flower it is outstanding, very long-lasting.

Dendranthemum purple mist


Some fall crocus are lasting very well.

Crocus cartwrightianus 'Albus'

Crocus cartwrightianus ‘Albus’

Crocus ochroleucus

Crocus ochroleucus

Another absolute favorite which was a pleasant surprise is a fall blooming snowdrop.  It came to me labeled as Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus ‘Hiemalis’ but it is not, but I love it nonetheless.

Happy gardening!


Snowy Monday

first snow of the season

Not much fun was had this past weekend outside… I was out long enough to snap some photographs.  I hear the weather calling for more snow tomorrow around 5-6 inches, I know many others get more than this but the dusting and ice we had this weekend is enough to last me till spring.

Anyhow, enough about the weather and more about plants!  In the main photo my Karmina Geranium looks spectacular with her multi-colored foliage with the Dendranthema ‘Sheffield’ playing peekaboo in the background. The Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea flowers are also blanketed in snow, looking like I stepped into some winter wonderland in a faraway fantasy land.  Reality sets in and I find myself cold and wet from being outside, time to go inside and plan and plot more adventures into my garden for the spring and summer.  I find myself doing so oohing and aweing over new plants that I might want to get making a list, as a child makes a list for Santa Claus.  Santa, please bring me all the plants on my wish list along with a set of new copper labels; I have been a good girl this year.

Happy Monday!