The year has gone by in a blink, bringing a whirlwind of stress and anxiety.  But the garden doesn’t keep watch on the hour and is always there awaiting me, bringing time of reflection and some peace of mind.

What brings you peace in times of high stress and sorrow?

My mother reminded me the other day to try and find beauty in everything, but it never fails that in times of chaos, stress and worry I forget this.  We had our first frost Saturday night.  Summer is officially over and winter is well on its’ way.  Here is some of the beauty I found in the garden awaiting me early Sunday morning





strawberry vanilla hydrangea



Wintery Wednesday

Daucus carota


Rye grassCurrent weather here is 16 degrees Fahrenheit, everything is covered in snow and ice after our storms from yesterday and this past weekend.  I will admit I have a thing for meadows.  This particular one I saw on my way into the office today and I could not resist with the sun starting to shine.

Happy Wednesday!